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Avardwoolaver Blog post via Forty years ago in 1979 Black and

Avardwoolaver Blog post via Forty years ago in 1979 Black and


Blog post: (via Forty years ago in 1979)

Friday roundup, May 5, 2017

With baby boomers reaching their senior years, nostalgia seems to be their drug of choice. Advertisers target boomers with Beatles music, retro fashions,

nikowashere: “Minoh Osaka, Japan. Mar. 2019 ”

... Railway gang bunk cars, Wainwright, Alberta, 1979 | by Avard Woolaver

Toronto in the 1980s, Toronto, street photography, Yonge and Dundas, film photography

Blog post: (via A question of scale) Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia,

Graphic Message by Avard Woolaver, via Flickr

Windsor, Nova Scotia See blog post: A question of scale https://www. avardwoolaver.com/a-question-of-scale/

Avard Woolaver Photography

Toronto, social media, Friday roundup, blog, 1997,

8 Questions for photographer Mark Hewitt Johnson. Posted on ...

Drugs, or the 40 hou…

“We won't even consider a

In the first few months in Nagoya everything seemed fresh and new. #Japan #dailyphoto #filmphotography Blog post: ...

Avard Woolaver

Avard Woolaver Photography

Avard Woolaver High Park, Toronto, 1984 During my twenty years living in Toronto,

Allan Gardens, Toronto, 1981 See blog post: Flashback Friday in Toronto https://www.avardwoolaver.com/flashback-friday-in-toronto/

Cineplex Eaton Centre, Toronto, 1985

3 insights gained in my early days of photography

#NovaScotia #spring #dailyphoto #photography Blog post: https://www. avardwoolaver.com/photos-to-welcome-spring/ …pic.twitter.com/nO13eu2m50


Nagoya, Japan, 1987

Definition of love

I have been posting photos online for the past nine years and am taking a break


Avard Woolaver, Yonge and Dundas, Toronto, Yonge Dundas Square, 1984,

Friday roundup, May 2017 - The Image Journey


elarafritzenwalden: Former mixed-use building …

Change Is a Funny Thing

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You'll Understand Warmth Better When You Feel It by Christina Mavriki @christinemav. Tag #semimagazine. . . . #artwork #photographicart #filmphotography ...

Changing colour into black and white Colour Images

Highway 101, NS



Newport, Nova Scotia, 2018 From the series: Random World Blog post: https

Kensington Market, Toronto, 1983

𝗴𝗼 𝗮𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗱 ____ #filmisnotdead #nograinnoglory #burbsonfilm #thinkverylittle #artclassified #backtothebase #35mmfilm #35analog #theanalogclub ...

Wentworth Creek, Nova Scotia See my blog post at avardwoolaver.com about converting colour

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Unusual weather conditions often create interesting photos. Today I took an 80 km drive to Halifax, and had the opportunity to get some storm photos.

Avard Woolaver Photography


West Virginia, North Carolina and Virginia 2013-2017. #oxfordamericanmagazine #peachestate #humbleweekendz #semimagazine #aphotographicinventory

I'll be at the opening on Sat. 2 - 5 Ryerson IMA @shawnmicallefpic.twitter.com/YXxYQlCJig

Nagoya, Japan, 1987 I continued to take photos with my Rollei 35. In


For a Change of Perspective, Stand on a Balcony or Climb a Tree - The Image Journey

Winter Field

Friday roundup, June 16, 2017

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Quebec City, Quebec, 2012 Blog post: Thinking of Lee Friedlander https:/

Alter Friedhof, Freiburg. March 2019.

Photos remind me of songs - The Image Journey

Srinagar, India, 1989 - thirty years ago in Kashmir

Dark Clouds of 2017

avardwoolaver - Avard Woolaver 1 month ago



... #35film #crosswalksmag #shootfilmstaybroke #sharefilm #analoguelove #analoglove #myfeatureshoot #analoguevibes #thefilmcommunity #blogger #newtoblogging ...

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One More Cup of Coffee

8 Questions for Wisconsin artist Stacy Blint Wisconsin, This Or That Questions

Alter Friedhof, Freiburg. March 2019.

5th Avenue and East 36th Street, New York, 1983 I have only been to

Newport, Nova Scotia


Wish You Were Here, Toronto, 1995

Point to point using colour darkroom prints. The motion of these is fun - - - - - - / // #photograd #screenshotmagazine #unseenplatform #instaartist ...

Like this:

Robert Frank's work is still relevant, sixty years on - The Image Journey

Newport, Nova Scotia, 2019 Recently I have been using only my 50 mm lens


Mark Hewitt Johnson

“For many years, I thought that if I had a specific relationship with the person I photographed, the picture would be stronger.


A question of scale Scale, This Or That Questions, Weighing Scale, Libra,

film, black and white,

Sidewalk Scene, Toronto, 1980 - taken at Yonge and Wellesley, if I remember

Alter Friedhof, Freiburg. March 2019.

Photos from the series: Random World

Mark Hewitt Johnson


By Anna Szkoda @anna.szkoda from the Distant Islands exhibition open at Freundeskreis Willy Brandt Haus @freundeskreis_wbh until May.

Truro, Nova Scotia, 2013 Blog post: Photo series - Wish You Were Here

A man reading by the light of a street lamp on.