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The shock wave from the brightest stellar explosion ever seen with

The shock wave from the brightest stellar explosion ever seen with


The shock wave from the brightest stellar explosion ever seen with the naked eye in recorded history is revealing secrets about the origins of mysterious ...

A speedy supernova hit maximum brightness in just a few days

Brightest Explosion In the Universe Ever Seen Defies Astronomy Theories

An artist's impression of supernova 1987A

NASA spots exploding star's remains

An exploding star propels jets of high energy matter and light into space at incredible speeds

In Hollywood blockbusters, explosions are often among the stars of the show. In space, explosions of actual stars are a focus for scientists who hope to ...

The bright ring around the central region of the exploded star is composed of material ejected by ...

Supernovas, the dramatic bursts of massive stars, are among the most violent explosions we've seen in the universe - and there's always a chance one could ...

Astronomers still can't decipher the 'Cow,' a mysterious explosion in deep space

... including the bright spots along the inner ring of gas surrounding the exploded star. A shock wave of material unleashed by the stellar ...

This image shows shock waves produced by an explosion that happened when several young stars were ejected from the Orion Molecular Cloud – a known ...

Stellar Explosion Is Most Distant Object Visible to Naked Eye

The still unraveling remains of supernova 1987A are shown here in this image taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. The bright ring consists of material ...

STELLAR SWOON A simulation of a supernova tracks the turmoil in the center of a dying star in the moments after its core collapses.

Astronomers Uncover New Clues to the Star that Wouldn't Die. This six-panel graphic illustrates a possible scenario for the powerful blast seen ...

Historic Supernova Explosion Still Shines Bright After 30 Years

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Supernova 1987A

JPEG (72dpi) JPEG(300dpi) ...

Astronomers Just Found 72 Stellar Explosions, but Don't Know What's Causing Them

Pillars of Creation Toppled By Stellar Blast

Large JPEG (5.1 MB)

'Assassin' supernova discovered that is 570bn times brighter than sun

In the first image SN2007uy is visible as a bright spot. This supernova was being observed with Swift when SN2008D exploded.

View image of Gamma-ray bursts (illustration) are the brightest explosions in the Universe

Massive supernova visible millions of light years from Earth | Science | The Guardian

Seventeen years ago, astronomers spotted the brightest stellar explosion ever seen since the one observed by Johannes Kepler 400 years ago.

The spectacular aftermath of a supernova was just seen at its earliest stage ever

Explosion 2013ek supernova in the galaxy NGC 6984

N49, an asymmetric supernova remnant in the LMC

Detail of the Cygnus Loop.This nebula is the product of a supernova explosion;

Ancient exploding stars hurled radioactive debris at Earth — and it's still here

Artist's depiction of the life cycle of a Sun-like star, starting as a main-sequence star at lower left then expanding through the subgiant and giant phases ...

Kepler Telescope Captures First Moments of a Star's Death

Live Super Nova Explosion of a Star

How Stars Form. Star formation happens in ...

When a white dwarf gains mass over a certain limit, it explodes in a type Ia supernova.

Artist impression of GRB 161219B

For the first time, astronomers see the signatures of a newly birthed black hole or neutron star

Titanic Stellar Explosion News story originally written on March 4, ...

A nova should not be confused with a supernova, which is a different kind of an event. Years ago it was believed that a supernova was a type of very bright ...

Source: H.-Th. Janka Preprint at https://arxiv.org/abs/1702.08825 (2017)

Spitzer Captures Stellar Family Portrait

A new study describes the most extreme known example of a

Supernova remnant

Hubble Detects of a New Kind of Stellar Blast Called a Kilonova

Supernova Explosion

When astronomers discovered a cosmic explosion in a galaxy nearly 200 million light-years from Earth last June 16, they soon realized it was something ...

Astronomers may have finally seen a star become a black hole. “

X-ray images of Cassiopeia A, taken by the Chandra satellite. Cas A is the gaseous remnant of a supernova, which exploded around 1680 A.D. The compact ...

However, Kepler was only able to observe the shock breakout from the bigger star, possibly because the smaller one was obscured by too much nearby gas.

ALMA and VLA images of the mysterious new type of cosmic blast, AT2018cow at left

SN Antikythera, SN Eleanor and SN Alexander at galaxy cluster RXC J0949.8+1707. The most luminous supernova ever recorded ...

The Westerlund 2 star cluster is surrounded by slowly.

"The Cow": Star Collapse Could Be First-Ever Observed Birth of Black Hole | Inverse

Ring Nebula and Helix Nebula

Eta Carinae, one of the brightest, most massive stars in the Milky Way, famously erupted 170 years ago in a blast that somehow left the star intact.

Seeing The Beginning Of A Supernova Explosion

[This composite image of the Tycho Type 1a supernova remnant combines infrared and X-

Massive supernova visible millions of light years from Earth

Astronomers Find Star That Has Exploded Six Times

SNR Infographic


Radio observations from 1985 (blue) combined with X-ray data from 2007 (orange) reveal the expanding remains of the exploded star.X-RAY (NASA/CXC/NCSU/S. ...

The "guest star" of 1006, actually a supernova, is now a much dimmer supernova remnant.

Red shows newly formed dust in the center of the supernova remnant; green represents the glow of visible ...

Supernova explosion

NGC 5907 Brightedt Pulsar Ever

'Zombie star' amazes astronomers by surviving multiple supernovae

The Ring Nebula is tilted toward Earth, so we see it face-on.

Astronomers Just Found 72 Stellar Explosions, but Don't Know What's Causing Them

Colour-composite (RGB) image of the Cocoon nebula obtained from a combination of wide- and ...

Supernova Remnant W44 Shockwaves. Artist's conception of shockwaves propagating in ...

iPTF14hls graph of brightness over time

Runaway star Kappa Cas slams into material floating between the stars, creating a shock wave trillions of kilometers across. Click to enchuckyeagerenate.

Star collision scatters gold and platinum

SWIFT images of SN 2007uy in Xray and visible light

3D rendering of explosion, smoke, shock wave and divergent waves, isolated on black

View image of Our Universe is extremely dynamic (Credit: NASA/CXC/SAO/R.Margutti)

Secretive supernova