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The only time a fanboygirl saved anybody do you even marvel

The only time a fanboygirl saved anybody do you even marvel


The only time a fanboy/girl saved anybody :-)


Headcanon about why Steve jumped on the grenade in The First Avenger. Bucky And Steve

Headcanon about why Steve's Smithsonian exhibit included a giant Bucky wall. #remember the fallen

Avengers/Avengers: Age of Ultron-Interesting theory on Brutasha. Kat Freud · do you even marvel


Firstly, captain Marvel is mid tier power wise. Let's go ahead and get that out of the way. The reason most people have this debate is because she has been ...

Box Office: 5 Common Sense Decisions That Are Key to Marvel Studios' Success

Doctor Strange: The Flight of Bones

do you even marvel · Me on my presentation Captain America Cosplay, Chris Evans Captain America, I Understood That

We hear you: At the end of every issue of Ms. Marvel, editor Sana Amanat fields questions from readers, in the 'Holla@Kamala' section comics

iceman #10.jpg

A pricing scheme that makes even a little sense


Doctor Strand Damnation #3

People forget that all the time - Funny Baby - Spider-Man has super strength too. People forget that all the time The post Spider-Man has super strength ...

Anne's Reviews > The Unworthy Thor

The Myth of the Superhero: Marco Arnaudo, Jamie Richards: 9781421409535: Amazon.com: Books

How To Dad (with Phil Coulson)

We have both submitted to the culling...pic.twitter.com/CAJXyGl9FY

A Shop Called

The Merc with a mouth is the key to a successful MCU/FOX merger, and I think they already started it without telling anyone.

Avengers Month: 15 Most Memorable Scenes Leading Up to the Avengers | Funk's House of Geekery

New series Photo of A Shop Called Quest - Redlands, CA, United States

Updated to include the most recent films in the MCU, this is an awesome resource to differentiate Quantum Realms from Mirror Dimensions.

Iron Man 2 Movie Poster Marvel iFanboy

No Caption Provided · No Caption Provided

How To Dad (with Phil Coulson)

More obscure ongoings – or at the very least, ...

Firstly, I promise to keep this spoiler-free! This is going to make writing much about the film very very difficult as almost everything that happens is ...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

It's 2016, so it must be time for another DC Universe reboot, but this one masterminded by Geoff Johns brings back the hopeful, cheerier DC Universe that ...

So, she's clearly not near the strongest. Now for MCU Carol, there would be no plot if she were stronger than Thanos. Boom, done.

Which 5 Shows Do You Most Want Saved?

not a fan on clint having a random family in aou but i love this

That one page has caused so much pain and outrage in superhero comic fans since, oh, the last time either Marvel or DC did something like this with one of ...

The 2014 North Korean cyber-attacks on SONY Studios directly led to SONY getting into bed with Marvel Studios and the sharing of Spider-Man.

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This part is cute all over:

Jade by SkarletSakura ...


1. Black Widow ongoing

My trash bag,my cute shit head trash bag. Kat Freud · do you even marvel

So, she's clearly not near the strongest. Now for MCU Carol, there would be no plot if she were stronger than Thanos. Boom, done.

The Teen Titans, or Titans are BACK!!! Sit down, control that excitement for a second as DC's Rebirth even trundles on as it absorbs Alan Moore and Dave ...

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO Thor-Hulk.jpg, ...

So it probably sounds like I'm whining an awful lot about this one. And I am! But the writing is good, the quests are interesting, the characters are cool, ...

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that it could potentially do massive damage to The Avengers' current record as the third biggest movie of all time.

If you're looking for great comic-books, merch, and stocking stuffers for yourself or that special fanboy/girl in your life, we got you covered!

Iron Man Hong Kong Heroes #1

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EDIT: Here is the congratulations poster from LucasFilm to Marvel Studios



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Aaron is a talented writer, and Thor (both Thors, actually) seems to be the sort of character that he excels at. I mean, everything leading up to ...

2012 was a spectacular year for Animated movies, the fourth installment in the Ice age series (Continental Drift) was the fourth highest grossing movies of ...

Gallery image 1 ...

It's clear what DC were doing here as this at the time was massively controversial, and although Identity Crisis sold, it's worth paying heed to the ...

Saturdays, gaming events with All Things Nerdy run from Noon – 2pm, and you can learn while you play!

some variation of this

January 14, 2019: The Con Guys Preview the Biggest Movies We Can't Wait To See In 2019 – The Con Guy

thor picked up random snakes and Loki played with knifes all the time. Nothing but respect for Frigga to made them both survive…

His strength and durability impress even Superman, managing even knock him back (though it didn't hurt Supes) and tank his blows.

Marvel got lucky with Iron Man and their cinematic universe. The likeability of the Tony Stark character was a key. He became the center post of the ...

Unlike the Guardians of the Galaxy, some of these characters are pretty damn evil and are way more ...


As mentioned earlier, this book is padded out with mostly black and white comics; the highlight being a visit from my favorite devil with a wry sense of ...

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Batman Detective Comics Cover iFanboy DC Comics

Thor by Jason Aaron & Russell Dauterman

Even if you have watched the movie dozens of times, there are surely things you missed that this book will help point out for you.

How to integrate the FOX Marvel Universe into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

... from the DC Comics Heroclix: Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls set that is obtainable only by participating in this event. Maps will also be distributed ...

“You sure? I could be possessed by your demon-possessed ninja master, cut my hair and you could chase me around Japan?”

... The core tale is decent and Dr. Strange fans would probably like it; everything else is pretty much for reading in your personal sanctum sanctorum only.

... while what was left of humanity escaped in Starships from an Earth being annihilated by Apokolips (not just the Armies of, the whole damn Planet!)


Laurence Campbell's art is gritty, dark, and dials you in to the mood immediately, grounding the story while writers Mike Benson and Adam Glass introduce ...

Justice League

Endgame ...

Have a gander at these nice keys we have here…

In the comic books you can afford to keep piling on additional characters to the Avengers cast to sell monthly adventures where they didn't all have to show ...

Doctor, doctor, give me the news, I have a bad case of spontaneously combusting in front of you.

A reboot only works for some properties, but not others. You reboot something when you want to find something for a mass audience to respond to, ...

Now watch, before long we'll get some crazy fanboy/girl doin'

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