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The Dons Club thedonsclub on t

The Dons Club thedonsclub on t


I am Will, a sartorial menswear enthusiast currently living between Milan and Munich and founder of The Dons Club.

It has been a while since I published one of my outfits on TDC. I thought I would give it another go and would like to present my recent acquisition from ...

Von Floerke x The Dons Club

The Dons Club

The year started with a Bang and it is only fair to make that happen here on TDC too. After several months of absence, I want to rekindle the reader spirit ...

Baudoin & Lange have taken the sartorial world by storm. On social media, thousands of style enthusiasts present their own interpretation on wearing their ...

Pitti Uomo 93: Review!!!

A Tribute To My Mother

TheDonsClub x Blackberry

Drake's Inspiration - As I am planning my wardrobe for this summer, this color keeps

Good evening ladies and gents, back from my holiday and jumped right into work again! Can't really describe the feeling of waking up early and having to set ...

Love this combination of Danne Falk! Perfect use of light brown and grey. www

Unexpected texture and colour – Denim and linen www.thedonsclub.com # thedonsclub #

The tastemaker - - our friend Will of the Don Club from Germany @thedonsclub

Bold Stripes and a good watch!

The Don @thedonsclub is channeling that Spring feel in this elegant ensemble. Will is

Pitti Uomo 94 didn't disappoint: enjoy a selection of the best outfits and streetstyle photos from Florence.

Italian Style in Munich

Mr. Jondral showing is classic nonchalant elegance in a tobacco brown linen suit. The

I am Will, a 25 year old style enthusiast currently studying Design Management in Munich, Germany and founder of The Dons Club.

Gun Club Check blazer with white trousers! I shall do the same this summer.

Pattern School: The Most Common Patterns in Suits

TheDonsClub x Jaeger Lecoultre

Alessandro Squarzi is one of those icons you can't miss in your list inspirational

Mid week already… The days go by so fast! Halloween went by quickly too (thank God). I don't know about you and for everyone its different, but for me, ...

Neapolitan excellence at #pittiuomo. Fabio Antanasio walking in style in a brown linen suit

Tis the winter season where it gets cold here in Germany. Well… if you look back to what temperatures we had the past couple of years, the meaning “cold” ...

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The Bespoke Dudes by Fabio Attanasio. It doesn't get any more elegant yet

Thomas Earnshaw x The Dons Club

The gentleman's uniform reinvented! One of the most basic yet most creative combinations a man

Don't you love the spontaneous trips? I do… they are the best ones. You have no time to think of a better option and it always ends in the best way.

Cotton suit and regimental tie. A go-to Italian outfit! www.thedonsclub

Camessi: A Shirtmaker's Story

The Dons Club

A cigar Lounge always requires you to dress formally. It's not a must but it

As many have asked what I think of Natalino, I thought it best to share my thoughts through pictures and a few words on what makes this probably the best ...


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There is nothing to say about this, other than that it is an awesome combination. www.thedonsclub.com #thedonsclub #classymens…

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The other day I browsed through the articles of well known Style connoisseur and sartorial spokesman Permantstyle, and came across a rather interesting ...

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A fuller cut trouser can really make it difference. www.thedonsclub.com # thedonsclub#handmade #gq #sumisura #suited #suitandtie #madetomeasure #bespoke ...

A beautiful day out in Munich, Germany, the belly button of Europe, whatever you wanna call it! Anyhow, any Munich based blogger, food-lover, sports fan or ...

In love with the city of love… How ironic. But its entirely true! This city is not only the birthplace of Shakespeare's “Rome and Juliet” but also has the ...

Elegant attire with the blue sports jacket. The gold buttoning makes this a serious player

How ...



Will @thedonsclub is looking fabulous in this splendid Camessi @camessiman 140/

thedonsclub. The Dons Club

CharLou Fashion&Design. Clothing Store. The Persuaders club

Hi guys, Its been a while… I know, I usually write quiet a lot over a week but right now, business is crushing me plus making all the right moves to get ...

Will's @thedonsclub elegant combination is perfect for the weekend

The Rabbit Hole


Last Days of Summer

It's not everyday that you get to walk through the city you live in and find yourself taking photos eventually under a metal tree.

Viodie Ferreira Styling

PicsArt_1445215232396-2 PicsArt_1445214958838-2 PicsArt_1445215184739 PicsArt_1442862373425 PicsArt_1442862327907 PicsArt_1442862272457 ...

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Conceived as part of the Eaton College uniform in the early 19th century, the “

PicsArt_1445215232396-2 PicsArt_1445214958838-2 PicsArt_1445215184739 PicsArt_1442862373425 PicsArt_1442862327907 PicsArt_1442862272457 ...

It is not often that we see a look that so beautifully combines elegant dressing with

Smile, it's the weekend! Pictured here in Florence on Day 2 of Pitti Oumo

... PicsArt_1445215184739 PicsArt_1442862373425 PicsArt_1442862327907 PicsArt_1442862272457 PicsArt_1442862200862

“A mind is like an umbrella. It is most useful when it is open. “

Imagine your life is perfect in every aspect; What would it look like? 🌠

Think of all the beauty still left around you 🥀 #thedonsclub #gentleman #gentlemenstyle #bespoke

... Dons Club. Maybe not your perfect summer suit but let's not forget who is wearing it! A

Just enjoy the smiles on the snap as you don't know the agony behind it. #simple #mannersmakethman

Save the date! . . . . . . . #sugarlandbars #sugarlandbar #

The Don @thedonsclub . . 👓 @tbdeyewear 🕢 @bellrosswatches x @revolution.

Stile Italiano on a Friday

Courtesy of @thedonsclub __ 👉 Follow @menswear.st for more __ #menssuits

Philipp Schneidewind

Inspirational Quotes are my thing…

Mitte Juni fand die Mode Messe 94. Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florenz statt und ich war vor Ort. In diesem Post zeige ich euch meine getragenen Styles und ...

... PicsArt_1445215184739 PicsArt_1442862373425 PicsArt_1442862327907 PicsArt_1442862272457 PicsArt_1442862200862

Last Days of Summer

I can be classy too @fiftyhousesoho + @thedonsclub #classy #fiftyhousesoho # thedonsclub

Sunglasses Flare Rhodium

#TBT to when @DJPatchoulee slayed the decks with the hottest beats.

#gentlemenstyle Instagram Photos and Videos


... This weekend, chill out with smooth tunes from @djpatchoulee on Thursday and funky beats ...

Men create gods after their own image, not only with regard of their form but with regard of their mode of life - A greek philosopher #thedonsclub ...

My favourite quote from the movie Kingsman. . . Follow @gentlemenspeak (Instagram) for more motivational quotes! . .#GentlemenSpeak 🎩 #Gentleman #Quotes ...

Like in a movie ~ {stra} ordinary people ~ Miami • • • •

Like, follow and share @motivatedheart24x7_hindi if it deserves. . 📌 Don'

Join us tomorrow from 12pm - 4pm for Social Capital Club with guest speakers Hamdi Osman

LLOYD Schuhe

Inspired by a recent look i saw on @thedonsclub... . . . @miler_menswear shirt | @suitsupply vest | @sonsofsavilerow x @aristonimparato jacket ...

This gorgeous deep-blue, raw denim shirt was created for (and designed by

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Embrace the pace of your own journey ⚖ #thedonsclub #gentlemenstyle #bespoke

I look forward to meeting you!! RSVP 07940267124, helenfirth@hocsuits.com

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