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One in nine American men has oral HPV study finds Health Study

One in nine American men has oral HPV study finds Health Study


Cervical cancer can be prevented

One in nine American men infected with oral HPV, study says

One in nine American men is infected with oral HPV, study shows

Cervical cancer death rates are much higher than thought, study says

Men Are More Likely To Have Oral HPV & HPV 16 Than Women Are, New Study Says

Although an effective HPV vaccine exists for both boys and girls, the number of boys

1 in 9 American men are infected with oral HPV

1017_hpv_oral sex

1 in 9 Men Now Have Oral HPV: What Does That Mean For You?

Research shows the human papillomavirus vaccine is safe for adult women. Photo by Adam Gregor/Shutterstock

Most strains of HPV are symptomless, but a few of them can cause cancer.

No link between HPV vaccine, increased risk of autoimmune disorders, study finds

Oral sex has helped HPV spread to 1 in 9 American men

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A new study found that about one out of nine American men is infected with oral HPV. The growing risk of the STD calls for a renewed focus on the available ...

(“Oral Cancer: A Growing Health Concern,” FAIR Health October 2016). Oral cancer is on the rise in American men ...

New findings on rising HPV infections in the U.S. highlight a need for better prevention among both men and women, researchers say.

1 in 9 Men Have Oral HPV


Drinking very hot tea almost doubles risk of cancer, new study says

hpv opc trends.jpg

HPV vaccine efficacy

Hpv in the mouth

... Study Says. The drug Gardasil, used for HPV vaccinations.

Why It Matters If HPV Caused Your Head or Neck Cancer

A girl winces as she is injected with the HPV vaccine.

Major study finds HPV vaccine in women was not linked with 44 chronic diseases

1 in 9 Men Have This Cancer-Causing STD

One in nine American men is infected with oral human papillomavirus (HPV). Men who notice skin changes, bleeding, pain, or swollen glands in the anogenital ...

More than 1 in 5 adults has cancer-causing HPV, CDC reports

Having oral sex with multiple partners significantly increases risk of head and neck cancer in men, study finds

Vocal cord cancer is on the rise in young people. Could HPV be to blame

Study Finds 1 in 9 US Men Have Oral HPV

Teen boys are less likely to get the HPV vaccination, study finds

Researchers say oral HPV is on the rise among men. The solution? "Use protection. Get vaccinated."

Elizabeth Renstrom for TIME

Long-term Persistence of Oral Human Papillomavirus Type 16: The HPV Infection in Men (HIM) Study | Cancer Prevention Research

According to the most recent data from the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 11 million American men are infected with oral human ...

Preteens need only two rounds of HPV vaccine, CDC says

Human papillomavirus infection

PAHO / Flickr cc. A study published yesterday in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health shows ...

Study Shows Black Men Are At High Risk For Oral HPV

FIGURE 1. Percentage of New Cases by Age Group: Oral Cavity and Pharynx Cancer Source: SEER 8 2009–2013, all races, both sexes

Professor Paul Chan Kay-sheung of Chinese University of Hong Kong explaining his study in

HPV vaccine may cut cancer risk in men, too

A women's health expert answers questions about a very common sexually transmitted infection. hpv warts

Large Gardasil safety studies

Why Can't Men Be Tested For HPV? The Most Common STI Is Still Only Tested For In Women

Estimated coverage with one or more dose of the human papillomavirus vaccine among adolescents age 13 to 17 in the United States.20


Here's why you can't stop eating pizza, ice cream and chocolate chip cookies


'The Arc of History Is Bending Back.' New Study Shows How Girls Around the World View Female Leaders

Oral sex can give you throat cancer, study reveals

Child receives a vaccination shot. Image caption: Study finds ...

Largest oral HPV study in England shows infection rates lower than expected

HPV Awareness is running this banner on its website and is asking Quebecers to contact Quebec's health minister to raise concerns about changes to the ...

Common infection: In a typical nightclub in Ireland, about a quarter of the people

What men should know about cancer that spreads through oral sex

Trends in Human Papillomavirus–Associated Cancers — United States, 1999–2015 | MMWR

hpv opc trends.jpg

Published by: The Public Health Agency of Canada Issue: Volume 38 ACS-1. Date published: January 2012. ISSN: 1481-8531

HPV Symptoms and Diagnosis

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One in nine American men has oral HPV study finds http://ift.

Think you're too old for the HPV vaccine? Think again. It might even save your life

Another Study Says HPV Shot Cuts Cervical Cancer

The vaccine which protects against cervical cancer-causing HPV strains 16 and 18 is safe


Marcia Cross shares experience with anal cancer

Oral-B Glide dental floss linked to toxic PFAS chemicals, study says



HPV-Oral Cancer Link Spotlights Health Disparities Among Men

Men's Risk for HPV-Related Oral Cancer Soars. But caution needed in interpreting cross-sectional study, says Perry Wilson, MD

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New research has suggested it may be possible for people carrying the HPV virus to unwittingly

Mouth, throat cancers and HPV

June 2014

Trend of Number of New Cases of Oral Cavity Cancers per 100,000 Persons Source: SEER 9 Incidence 1975–2013, all races, both sexes, rates are age adjusted