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Lukter is a simple dish of dry meat with chili flakes or Bhut

Lukter is a simple dish of dry meat with chili flakes or Bhut


Lukter is a simple dish of dry meat with chili flakes or Bhut Jolokia. The

01/12Drool-worthy dishes of Arunachal Pradesh

Pehak is an Assamese dish. The recipe of Pehak is made by use of fermented

... bamboo shoots and adding the flavor of chili. It is very good in taste but not very spicy. It is a must try whenever you are on your Arunachal Tour.


The Nyishi community is the largest inherited community in Arunachal Pradesh. In Nyishi tradition they cook rice in a hollow bamboo with hot coal.

Chicken Anardana

WACKY FOODS- Northeast India! Awesome Arunanchal Pradesh!

IHM Pusa, New Delhi ...


One must try to get the authentic cuisine flavor of Arunachal Pradesh by frying Bamboo sprouts and use in various boiled vegetable or cooked meat.

3. Pika Pila

Momo is dumpling stuffed with vegetables (Veg-Momo) or chicken, beef or mutton (Non-veg). This food is available in Arunachal Pradesh in ample number and a ...


Bebe Upkari

chutney made with chilli and fermented soya beans





Lukter. Beef sprinkled with chilly flaked while being smoked dry

Litti Chokha

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Lukter is a flavourful combination of cooked dry meat and chilli flakes ( Bhut Jolokia). This is a side dish that is served with traditional rice preparation ...

Posta-dana ka halwa

Dry, salted, mud fish. #mudfish #snakehead #snakeheadfish

Traditional Arunachal Pradesh food includes

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Its a crime to not have chole bhature when in Delhi!🤟😋 .

Chura Sabji


8. Chura Sabji

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Pehak is a type of chutney that is made with fermented soya bean and chilli. It is best served with steamed rice and Lukter.readmore

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Rice- Arunachal Pradesh Food Staple

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Arunachal Pradesh

The North Eastern part of India still remains largely unexplored. But of late people have

From boiled vegetables to meat and from pickles to chutneys, every dish in Arunachal Pradesh is incomplete without a hint of bamboo shoots.

A warm meal , close to the soul . ..Local Assamese


Lukter is a simple dish of dry meat with chili flakes or Bhut Jolokia. The recipe of Lukter is the dried meat is gril… | Arunachal Pradesh Tour Package in ...

Late night dinner at a Dhaba at Pune Satara Highway. . . Dhaba food has

Arunachal Pradesh

The addition of khumpatt leaves, ginger, garlic, makat, green chilli and minced meat paste makes it a sinful affair ...

2. Bamboo Shoot

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My mom often said, butter should be inside your stomach by the time it melts

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Pasighat Arunchal Pradesh

A Carton of neatly packaged crayfish, dried fishes, dried Kpomo and stock fishes leaving

Chana Ghugni

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A #unique #indiansnack #bhuttekakiss at amazing #indoresarafabazaar of clean city Indore. I have not seen elsewhere in India the variety of snacks available ...

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19 'Must Know Before You Go' facts about Gurudongmar Lake

It is a fish curry, prepared with sliced fish, marinated in raw traditional spices. Interestingly, the preparation of this dish involves a stone that is ...

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Discover the Birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi – Porbandar

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Thailand Dry Fish._Thailand Dry Fish for grabs. _Just because you must cook with

When she cooks for the first time and it turns out to be delicious. Tomato


Highway on my plate.... A modern take on the Rajasthani Sev ki Sabji... Cooked with milk and topped with fresh cream and butter. Dhaba food has adapted to ...

It is a noodle soup dish that is made with boiled rice noodles, chicken or vegetables. It is a traditional dish of 'Monpa', a tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. ...

Marua- An alcoholic beverage, Arunachal Pradesh Food Dish

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Angling In Arunachal Pradesh

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The state is rich in traditional foods and beverages and methods of processing various forest and agricultural products by the tribal communities with their ...

Highway wale dhabe ki daal roti sabji 😋😋 Ghar Gaye aur ye na kia aisa

This is the most famous North-eastern dish that can be easily found in every part of the country. If you wish to taste the real authentic flavour, ...

Spending a few days at the interiors of Maharashtra. . . Perks are heavenly flavourful food. . . Dal Tadka, paneer masala and veg Kolhapuri.

Tasty egusi soup served with fufu . . . . .#egusisoup #egusi #


चेरापूंजी - पूर्वोत्तर भारतीय राज्य का एक ऊंचाई वाला शहर चेरापूंजी, भारत के मेघालय ...

Simple food. Best view.100% satisfaction.

Flora And Fauna of Arunachal Pradesh

assamese thali

The Acient Trail

Apong- Rice beer, Arunachal Pradesh Food

For vegetarians, there are a plethora of choices. Noo phan – boiled fresh tender bamboo shoots flavoured with ginger leaves – and the phak kho – seasonal ...

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