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History A woman Shows off A Cane Thats Also A Flask in 1922

History A woman Shows off A Cane Thats Also A Flask in 1922


A woman shows off a cane thats also a flask in Chicago, US in 1922 during prohibition.

The Cane Flask - Woman showing a Prohibition-era fashion accessory - 1922 - Washington


Prohibition Tipping Cane, 1922 Poster

Young woman hiding a flask in her high boot, during prohibition, Washington DC,

The latest thing in flasks! Fashionable French actress Mademoiselle Hortense Rhea shows off her garter

A woman shows off her new initialed garter flask, which had become the latest rage in 1926.

A woman pulls a hip flask from her boot to have a sneaky swig of alcohol

A woman demonstrates the use of a Prohibition era book that conceals a liquor flask, 1927. (Bettmann/CORBIS)

A cover of The Saturday Evening Post, from February 4, 1922, features an

History — Queen Victoria, her collie dog Noble, and the.

7 Scotch Bottles You Should Taste

Aunt Agnes, who was a Louisiana slave and likely a practitioner of voodoo, is reported to have lived to 119. (Photo courtesy of Cammie G. Henry Research ...

Marion Daily Star newspaper archives

Prohibition Times: a woman is demonstrating a cane that hides a flask inside for alcoholic drinks, Chicago, 1922

1922 Long White Gloves for Evening

1926 Mille Rhea's Garter Secures her Flask

Photograph (a) shows several men pouring a large barrel of alcohol down a manhole

Police in Washington DC stand alongside a wrecked car and cases of moonshine in 1922

Matilde Bajer, Elisabet Quchterlony, Tagea Johansen, Caroline Tesman

Small glass medicine vial; Telegraph insulator; Hobnail votive candle holder; Bromo-Seltzer

“[Lizzie] came up and placed herself on my lap as usual and, after fondling her for some time, I made a solicitation. To my infinite astonishment, ...

As history proved, Prohibition in the United States failed to steer people away from the supposed evils of alcohol. The intensive period of regulation, ...

The Gateway to Oklahoma History


Prohibition Tipping Cane, 1922 Poster | 1922 Vintage Poster | Pinterest | History, Vintage photos and Vintage

Woman putting flask in her Russian boot, Washington, D.C.. - Stock Image

George V sterling silver topped walking cane Birmingham 1922, silver capped, some dents, to coromandel cane, length 91 cm. Show 3 more like this

Calabash bottle from the 1850s.

'Brewmeister' Fills Kegs at a Bootleg Brewery During Prohibition, 1933 Photo | Taproom wall

Fairfield Tribune newspaper archives

During prohibition, moonshiners used to attach actual cow hooves to their shoes to cover their

An Arab woman wearing a traditional face mask in Muscat, Oman in 1905.

Group of liquor bottles; click to enlarge.

Woman reading at home, historic photograph, around 1922 - Stock Image

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A walking stick, the ebony shaft fitted to a silver collar and china handle, decorated with a woman in formal dress, gilt embellishments.

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TMHS 222: The History Of Sugar: Sex, Drugs, And Entertainment - The Model Health Show

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The Thigh Flask Trick is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 10 Ingenious

A novelty silver walking cane/stick handle formed as a greyhound hallmarked

Pikes Peak pint flask; click to enlarge.

Signature cane

Woman showing off a cane that is also a flask in Chicago in 1922.

Rosa Parks is fingerprinted after being arrested for boycotting in 1956 [4675x3851]

Above and next two below: Some displays devoted to the rise of the emergency and thriving of illegal liquor trafficking.

187?-1922, February 27, 1916, NEWS SECTION, Page 6-A, Image 6 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress



Steubenville Herald Star newspaper archives

Care Packages

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Coffee Run: 1941

Beer Parade in NYC 1932

Damn Interesting

Orthodox protodeacon holding a walking stick. Portrait by Ilya Repin, 1877 (Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow).

Bottle - Feeder Bottle Pyrex

Cazodores Tequila Reposado

1920-21 Eatons_Page_320mens canes umbrellas

Slide 2

(New York, N.Y.) 1920-1924, October 10, 1922, Page 3, Image 3 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress

Prohibition agents stand alongside their car which has a 'stop when you see this'


Article Preview: THE LADY WITH THE HATCHET, APRIL 15TH 1922 1922 | Maclean's

In 1918 these Unsung Hero's Saved the Earth by Refueling it with its much needed magma

Earthenware book flask, height 6 in. Maker: United States Pottery Company, 1849

Woman putting flask in her Russian boot, Washington, D.C. During USA Prohibition, 1922

"Babbitt," Harcourt Brace, New York, 1922. "

... as portrayed by a prehistoric artist in the Cave of Trois Frères, Ariège, France" according to Alexander and Selesnick 1966 The History of Psychiatry.

Article Preview: WHAT DOTH IT PROFIT—, APRIL 15TH 1922 1922 | Maclean's

Zanesville Masonic-eagle pint flask; click to enlarge.


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Nellie Bly returns

View showing bottle and stopper · Another view · Base · Signature cane

3: Glenfiddich Fire & Cane ($50)

1920s mens glasses

A classic late 19th century walking cane, sometimes also called a dress cane

The St. Louis Star and Times from St. Louis, Missouri on February 10, 1922 · Page 15

A photograph shows Ernest Hemingway reclining in a chair in front of a fireplace.



Early American "chestnut" flasks; ...

1920s cane

ZP_Georgia Douglas Johnson was the author of The Heart of a Woman (1918) and

The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 8, 1922 · 17

Article Preview: THE PERSIAN RUG WIFE, December 1st 1922 1922 | Maclean's

A woman shows how strong she is in Germany in 1920.

Prohibition Era: Clever Ways Booze Was Hidden

A woman in the 1920s shows off her cane flask, used during Prohibition to conceal alcohol.

Two beers, tusker and serengeti

It's no secret that many of America's greatest food brands can trace their genesis to Italian American families. And if it wasn't for one such family, ...

A historical prototype of a popular meme today