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French FormidableClass Frigate Modern Warships 20th 21st

French FormidableClass Frigate Modern Warships 20th 21st


TACTICOS Combat Management System of Thales Formidable Class Frigate of Republic of Singapore Navy

Stealth frigate Surcouf. The French frigate Surcouf

The La Fayette-class of frigates – which are also known as the FL-3000 (Frégate Légère de 3,000 tonnes) or the FLF (Frégate Légère Furtive) – are general ...

Five were built for the French Navy between 1992 and 2001 – La Fayette (F710), Surcouf (F711), Courbet (F712), Aconit (F713), and Guépratte (F714) – and ...

RSS Steadfast in 2008


Type 31 frigate Venator 110

Formidable missiles

Top 10 Most Powerful Frigates in The World

Class overview

La Fayette Class Frigate


Click on the image for a higher resolution infographic ...

USS Leyte Gulf (CG-55), a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser

Five were built for the French Navy between 1992 and 2001 – La Fayette (F710), Surcouf (F711), Courbet (F712), Aconit (F713), and Guépratte (F714) – and ...

Top 10 frigates

iver huitfeldt class

Bergamini class (FREMM) frigates of the Italian Navy

Indonesian frigate KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata (331) underway in the South China Sea on

One of the best frigates in the world

Yiyang (548) - Type 054A Jiangkai II class Frigate (China)

Asian Military Review - November 2018

PHOTO GALLERY #25: Chios and Lesvos, tank landing ships of the Hellenic Navy

Installing the panoramic sensors and intelligence module on board the Gowind corvette El Fateh

FS Aconit 6.jpg. History. France

A tale of two exercises – Royal Navy reaching its operational peak for 2018

Frigate or Destroyer? Large European "Frigates" Toe the Line - WhiteFleet.net

French Frigate Forbin is a large ship that the French Navy use to protect other vessels from submarine attack. The Forbin is able to protect air carriers ...

The drawings represent four of the PLAN's most important surface combatant classes. The Type 022 missile-armed fast attack craft and larger Type 056 ...

Technically the Royal Navy is growing, just not any larger than it was four years ago

Stock Photo - The Singaporean Navy Formidable-class multi-role stealth frigate in Singapore Strait

An Álvaro de Bazán-class frigate. Image by Hammersfan.

HMS Makkah (Royal Saudi Navy) Royal Navy, Us Navy, Modern Warfare,

Bayraktar class landing ships of the Turkish Navy

The best Frigates

An Incheon-class frigate underway.

European frigates, ESPS Blas de Lezo (F103), FGS Sachsen (F219) and TCG Saligreis (F246), in close formation.

Asian Military Review - November 2008

Phalanx CIWS and Bofors 40mm L70 Gun aboard ROCN Di Hua (PFG-1206)

FS La Fayette 2.jpg. History. France

The acquisition of a fourth and fifth vessel will come after 2019 when the first three vessels have replaced the Adelaide Class Frigates.


A view over frigates docked at the Changi naval base

L'Adroit offshore patrol vessel of the French Navy

Foudre (L9011) - Foudre class Landing Platform Dock (France)

A front view of the Prarial, a ship of the Floreal-class. Photo

Formidable class: Singapore

Baden-Württemberg class frigates of the German Navy

Garden Reach of India is among those bidding for the PN's frigate project, and MaxDefense believes that they could be offering a variant of this warship.

China's New Destroyer, The U.S. Navy's Anti-Ship Missile Failure, And Preemption

The differences from the original Leander-Class are the electronic devices and the armaments on the ship. The class is the largest and oldest active warship ...

The Taiwanese frigate Wu Chang in 2013

1 Construction split between Riva Trigoso and Muggiano yards.

The best frigate in the world

... Click on the image for a higher resolution infographic

Royal Thai Navy's DW-3000F Frigate

Valour-class frigate

Almirante Padilla prior the modernization. Photo: Armada Nacional de la República de Colombia

The frigates, (from left) RSS Steadfast, RSS Formidable, RSS Intrepid, RSS Supreme, RSS Tenacious and RSS Stalwart in a line formation (photo : Mindef)

Asian Military Review - September/October 2016

BRP Jose Rizal (FF-150), the Philippine Navy's first modern surface combatant

Aquitaine-class multipurpose frigate Normandie (D651) [840 x 559] ...

A model of the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces' new 105 m multirole corvette. Four of the ships will be procured.

Image is loading Bigblueboy-PE-resin-kit-1-700-Frigate-RSS-

Frigate Baden-Württemberg. Source here.

Frigate Al Makkah.jpg

Click on the image for the full resolution version

The British Royal Navy Type 23 Duke-class frigate HMS Westminster steams in formation with

HMS Duncan Type 45 Destroyer, Armada, Navy Ships, Power Boats, Royal Navy

CHINA – Naval Strength

31579242115_1a71cc9064.jpg 29652345924_676f111bf3.jpg. "

HMS Argyll with Republic of Singapore Frigates RSS Intrepid and RSS Formidable during Exercise Bersama Lima.

The Philippine Navy's Future Frigate from Hyundai: Discussing the Ship's Design and Some of its Expected Subsystems


Joined the royal navy in the mid 80s… Went through basic training and then 18 weeks of being trained as a radio operator…

Technical Data

RSS Stalwart

Page 1

Buckley-class destroyer escort

Modified photo of a Bergamini class frigate GP variant of the Italian Navy. High resolution image here.

Like battleship masts of old - well, they looked like that at a quick glance

31579242115_1a71cc9064.jpg 29652345924_676f111bf3.jpg. "

Three of the most modern and capable ships of the French Navy: LHD Tonnerre, AA destroyer Chevalier Paul and ASW frigate Languedoc (©Naval Group/Adrien ...

Singapore Formidable-class frigates

Top 10 Frigates

[ IMG]

82 Battleships

The two Gregorio del Pilar-class frigates of the Philippine Navy during naval exercises with the US Navy. Photo taken from the US Navy via Wikipedia.


ROKS Daegu (FFG-818) infographic. 대구함 진수한지 곧 3년

Illustration of the Type 26 frigate. Image via www.thinkdefence.co.uk