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Discover the Land of the Phoenicians as you explore ancient Roman

Discover the Land of the Phoenicians as you explore ancient Roman


Phoenicia map

Land of the Phoenicians

The Phoenician "Empire"

The Phoenicians sat right in the middle of these three great civilizations, and with their trade and technology they turned the Mediterranean Sea into a ...

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Roman Empire, 390 BC

Phoenician Secrets: Exploring the Ancient Mediterranean: Sanford Holst: 9780983327905: Amazon.com: Books



The extent of the Phoenician Civilization at the time of the Macedonian conquest of the Eastern Mediterranean

Map of Phoenicia- late Bronze Age (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Map of Phoenicia (the green shaded area), the Maronite Motherland.

Carthage Discovered America? - Part 1

First Rulers of the Mediterranean. The ancient Phoenicians ...

Himilco's Voyage.

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Tyre: The History of the Ancient Trade Center under Phoenician, Greek, and Roman Rule: Charles River Editors: 9781979636780: Amazon.com: Books

Left, map of Phoenician (in yellow) and Greek colonies around 8th to 6th century BC (with German legend). Right, extent of Carthaginian influence prior to ...

The Phoenician Alphabet, circa 1250 BC.

Phoenicia itself was a relatively small area centered around the coastal city of Tyre, in

Theory of Phoenician discovery of the Americas

Entrance to the ancient Phoenician city on Motya Island off the west coast of Sicily

Ancient city of nora

European exploration

The Great Court of ancient Heliopolis's temple complex

Roman Shipbuilding & Navigation

Photo: Supplied

Cathage - Ruins

The Meltemi led them way to the South and the rest is legend. We will never know if they continued exploring foreign lands for the sake of adventure or if ...

phoenician civilization map

Tyre: The History of the Ancient Trade Center under Phoenician, Greek, and Roman

Roman Amphitheatre in Cartagena

Quest for the Phoenicians Poster


The discovery of a shipwreck off the coast of Gozo in 2007 provided a rare opportunity to study a Phoenician vessel. (Image: D Gration/University of Malta)

Ancient Middle East

Travel back in time on an adventure holiday in Tunisia

Starting with the Egyptians, moving on the Phoenicians, and then being utilized effectively for

The Phoenician Alphabet Reassessed in Light of its Descendant Scripts

Classical Columns, Tharros. (by Simon.zfn). The prosperity of Phoenician ...

Setting sail from Spain with a crew of 90 men, Christopher Columbus landed in the

History of the Mediterranean region

Djémila, which was founded in the first century as a military outpost and abandoned about

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Carthage Must Be Destroyed: The Rise and Fall of an Ancient Civilization

2800 years ago those two civilizations started to expand, first exploring than colonizing all the Western Mediterranean. While the Greeks had a bigger ...

In Search of the Phoenicians by Josephine Quinn, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®

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Map of Carthage empire and Roman empire

Phoenician alphabet

The Romans thought the sea was, literally, the middle of the earth. Because of this, they first called the Mediterranean “mediterraneus”—Latin for “middle ...

The truth about Hannibal's route across the Alps

Highlights of Lebanon - Explore!

Roman Agora in Tyre (by Wikipedia User: Heretiq). Tyre is an ancient Phoenician ...

Are you tired of staring at that same old Roman alphabet on your classroom wall,

In the ancient world, the British Isles were on the edge of knowledge, so far from civilization as to be placed in the realm of the almost mythical.

This map depicts the Roman Empire in 117 C.E., at the height of the Pax Romana.

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Ancient Roman Triumphal Arch in Tyre Lebanon against bright blue sky and in the distance more

Ancient Greece: The columns of the Parthenon

The Great Schism (1054 A.D.) was the break of communion between what is now the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox church, which has lasted ...

Photograph courtesy J. Abdul Massih

Recently, I was talking with a colleague at work and I mentioned that civilizations usually only last 500 years. The only problem was that I couldn't ...

A Taste of Libya

What on Earth Happened to the Phoenicians?

To find out more about the god Hephaestus see Adrienne Mayor's just published Gods and Robots.

Mediterranean Sea Trade: Origins & Routes

The Greek Alphabet.

The Phoenician alphabet was eventually adopted 5; 6.


DNA of Ancient Phoenician Could Make Us Reconsider History of Human Migration – National Geographic Education Blog

Sicily's ...

As well as the graves, the experts

Tyre: The History of the Ancient Trade Center under Phoenician, Greek, and Roman Rule: Charles River Editors: 9781979636780: Amazon.com: Books

You might be familiar with the immense joy that fills your body every time you arrive in Ibiza. It's a sensation we can say with some certainty that people ...

10 Facts About the Punic Wars



Fearless sailors and ingenious traders throughout the known world, the Phoenicians invented money, created an alphabetic script for taking inventory, ...

Montefortino helmets found off the Egadi Islands, dating to the First Punic War between ancient Rome and Carthage. Rome won. Emma Salvo

Palm trees, ancient Roman ruins and a triumphal gate at the Roman Ruins in Tyre

The Temple of Baal-Shamin in Palmyra, 2010 (Wikipedia)

The western Mediterranean during the Punic Wars.

27 ...

Sarcophagus of Eshmunazor II (5th century BC), Phoenician king of Sidon found near Sidon, in southern Lebanon

Roman Conquest By 500 B.C. the ...

Greek Colonization

If we examine the map of the Gulf Stream, we can easily see how any

A Taste of Libya

Dan has his regular catch-up with Simon Elliott on all things Roman. Why were the legionaries so successful, and how did they maintain that success for ...

Carthaginian bronze helmet from First Punic War, found on the seabed off the Egadi Islands of Sicily. This bit shows a lion on the top. Salvo Emma