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BibliOdyssey The Temple of Flora art of plants Botanical prints

BibliOdyssey The Temple of Flora art of plants Botanical prints


The White Lily ~ Robert John Thornton ~ Temple of Flora (1768-1837)

An image from Robert Thornton's Temple of Flora. Temple of Flora is famous for its

"White Lily, with variegated leaves" [Lilium album] published by Robert John

American Bog-Plants ~ Robert John Thornton ~ Temple of Flora (1768-1837)



Temple of Flora is famous for its sumptuous flowers depicted in unique scenery -- especially the often cloud-filled skies. Botanical Art Print ...

The Maggot-Bearing Stapelia

"The Superb Lily" - Dr. Robert John Thornton's Temple of Flora. London: R. J. Thornton, [1799]-1807.

From Robert John Thornton, Temple of Flora (London, 1799-1807. British LibraryArtist CanvasVintage Botanical ...

Hand colored aquatint engraving, from the quarto edition of "The Temple of Flora"

Robert John Thornton, New illustration of the sexual system of Carolus von Linnaeus. London: T. Bensley, 1798-1807

chromolithograph of sea anemones


The Sacred Egyptian Bean

This ...

The Night-Blowing Cereus. The Large Flowering Sensitive Plant

Passion Flowers By Robert John Thornton, 16 X 22-Inch Wall Art

sea anemones - book illustration

Compatible with. Set watercolor illustrations of lily flowers. Botanical illustration ...

There ...

Dr. Robert John Thornton, The Blue Passion Flower, 1811 | palette | Art, Botanical prints, Painting


Image may contain: plant. No photo description available.

The Large Flowering Sensitive Plant

Temple of Flora : "Large-Flowering Sensitive Plant" (Thornton, 1807) - Giclee Fine Art Print

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Many small yellow roses, Lady Banks rose, Rosa Banksiae var. lutea. Hand

1 - Favourite flowers of garden and greenhouse / - Biodiversity Heritage Library Antique · Antique PrintsVintage Botanical ...

There ...

The Large Flowering Sensitive Plant. The Nodding Renealmia

5-29- floral print

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Gherardo Cibo - from De Materia Medica by Pedanius Dioscorides - c.1564–84

devils tongue.jpg

Flora of the Cashmere - Gossypium herbaceum + G. arboreum

In the Garden: the Art of Botanical Illustration runs through September 26. Giclée artist prints from the exhibit are also on sale at the Central Library ...

illus. for "Master and Man"

Crimson flowered rhododendron, Rhododendron arboreum. Hand-colored illustration by Edwin Dalton Smith engraved

Amorphophallus titanum: gigantic flowers

Robert John Thornton // Temple of Flora, 1807 “The Temple of Flora” is the third and final part of Robert John Thornton's New illustration of the sexual ...


illus. for "How Much Land Does a Man Need?"

Arnoldus Montanus' New and Unknown World (1671)

19th century lithography of sea creatures

MAKI, Kin-ichi has been making mixed media prints featuring that staple of Japanese roadways, the curved mirror. In real life it allows you to see oncoming ...

Jean-Baptiste Pillement's 1760 book of engravings “The Ladies Amusement or The Art of Japanning Made Easy” was reprinted in England and became an ...

The images of these plants somehow are creating discomfort, they grow fast and they don't need people to take care of them. This sounds scary for them.

MORIMURA Ray's Plum Trees in Tenjin Shrine also harks back to similar masterworks…

Titan Arum closed

Engraving by Joseph Constantine Stadler after a painting by Peter Henderson for 'The Temple of Flora,' by British botanist Robert John Thornton,

"Winter Landscape," polychrome woodblock print by Keisai Eisen (1790–1848), from the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

"During the first year of work in Bharuch as Collector of Revenues, Forbes had a 'most interesting' excursion to Turcaseer, 'a small Mahratta town which ...

You could say my love of interior design started with a quilted chintz in 1972.

... tristis (detail)," from Historia Naturalis Palmarum (The Natural History of Palms by Karl Friedrich Phillipp von Maritus, 1823–50 :: via BibliOdyssey

Ripe fruit and leaves of the Brunswick fig, Ficus carica. Hand-colored illustration

... recommended Bibliodyssey. The full 800 plus pages of the book in high-res scans are housed here on the website of the Library of Congress project The ...

Through sympathetic magic Arber's book also gave me new respect for the Heukels', the most complete lay flora for the Netherlands.


2014-01-03 12.09.10

Primula Sinensis

American Cowslip - from The Temple of Flora by Robert Thornton | Folio Illustrated Book Carl

Screengrab, gallery, Space Collective.

Lingyin Si, Hangzhou, China April 2009 for print

Three Parrott Tulips

L0078612 Folio 218 recto, Bartisch, Ophthalmodouleia, 1583. Credit: Wellcome Library,

2014-01-03 12.11.22

natural history illustration - actiniaria species

You get Mount Fuji and the fish – two for the price of one – all in the same print. Traditional woodcut technique adds to this Japan memory print.

(via Plates from Robert Thornton's Temple of Flora (1807) | The Public Domain


image. "


At a time when many artists and designers are attempting to shock and denigrate, it's refreshing to see so many turning to angels for inspiration.

Indra, a major Hindu deity, also figures in the Thai Buddhist belief system, where he seen as powerful but limited and subservient to the Buddha (and ...


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Flickr gallery, Folkert Gorter.

In a project I made myself where I created a fake statue with the words “If you ever wanted to talk to someone, do it here whitestranger@outlook.fr” and ...

Cathy Chiavaro (USA) look closely at the cityscape

... Plants Insects Thailand Poster: The Print Gallery

Water Lily and Leaf

GYOBU Fumi's “P” of print studio–composition for an artist book has a similar graphic quality and is quite question provoking. What does the letter mean?

On July 15, 2014, FontShop / FontFont was bought by Monotype. The official story on FontShop's font feed site as reported by Iwo Grabowitsch: Today is a ...

Descubrí la obra y el universo gráfico de gente como Jesse Treece, un artista estadounidense del collage que me flipó por completo (ver más abajo), ...

On one side of a gaping hole in the fence, a sign prohibits entry and warns of crumbling structures; on the other side, a graffiti points at the hole: IT'S ...

actiniaria species

... woodblock.com/encyclopedia/entries/017_03/... ...

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Nine goats bring peace to the New Year. Qing dynasty, reign of Emperor Qianlong

illus. for "Where Love Is, God Is"

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