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27 Tiny Things That Can Crush Your Fragile Emotions Memes Funny

27 Tiny Things That Can Crush Your Fragile Emotions Memes Funny


Your expectations meet the harsh reality of your bandwidth.

24. You start to wonder if we have gone too far.

You make a mess of things.

4. You feel misunderstood.

Your past comes back to haunt you.

27. You realize just how little patience you have.

You overanalyze your attempts to not overanalyze.

You find something good and smother it with your affection.

Your plans do not work as expected.

Your attempts at self-control falter.

5. You fall for the same joke every day and never learn.

You lose your train of thought.

You can't escape a stifling atmosphere.

You can't quite pinpoint the cause of your angst.

27 Tiny Things That Can Crush Your Fragile Emotions

27 Tiny Things That Can Crush Your Fragile Emotions | august 2017 buzzfeed * | Funny, Dog comics, Buzzfeed animals

27 Tiny Things That Can Crush Your Fragile Emotions

27 Tiny Things That Can Crush Your Fragile Emotions

27 Tiny Things That Can Crush Your Fragile Emotions. Funny ArtDankest MemesFunny ...

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